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Development Action Group (DAG) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, established in 1986 with the mission to co-create, implement and support opportunities for community centred development and advance socio-economic rights. As an organisation, its most significant achievement is in strengthening the leadership capacity of community members to interface and dialogue with a diverse range of government and nongovernment actors to meet their basic needs. It uses very specific, concrete intervention; namely housing, settlement upgrading and neighbourhood development in order to organise community actors to realise active citizenry. Through targeted learning, training and capacity building programmes, its practice puts people at the centre of development.


Over the years, DAG has unlocked development opportunities for 7,896 new low-cost houses; improved tenure security for 27,000 people; provided direct assistance in securing community services to 100,000 households in over 80 projects; secured and unlocked R270 million for housing projects; and strengthened capacity of more than 2,000 civic leaders, with a focus on women and youth.


DAG current programme seeks to:

Support civic leader’s and community based organisations to advance their socio-economic rights and participate meaningfully in decision making processes affecting their neighbourhoods and the city;
Strengthen delivery and implementation, through a Contractor and Developer Academy, a range of basic services, land and housing rights in partnership with development actors such as small scale emerging contractors, backyarder groups, finance institutions, state institutions etc;
Advocate for an enabling urban environment in the form of legislative policy frameworks, financial models and democratic governance processes.

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