The Claude Leon Foundation


The New Leaders Foundation (NLF) is a dynamic start-up not for profit company working in the education sector. It partners with government to improve learner performance by improving the service support districts give to schools. NLF has developed an innovative District Service Support Programme which builds service delivery skills for district officials and simultaneously provides a managed change process within the education system.

The main objectives of the NLF are to improve learner performance by improving districts capacity and long-term ability to deliver quality curriculum support to school managers and teachers. A further objective is to provide rigorous monitoring and evaluation processes to assess impact.

The NLF achieves these objectives by immersing a support person in the district at an executive manager level for 24 months to provide a strong platform for driving change from within over an extended period of time.

The Claude Leon Foundation recognizes the important work on district development been pioneered by the NLF and has provided a two-year grant (starting in 2012) to support its work.


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