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A major part of the work of The Learning Trust is to seek out small and emerging education initiatives with excellent potential but without the necessary resources or access to mainstream funders. The Learning Trust supports these initiatives through multi-year grants and accompanies funding with capacity development and resilience building, tailored to the needs of individual organisations. The Learning Trust aims to support 50-70 organisations over the next three years, directly reaching the lives of many children living in densely populated urban disadvantaged communities in SA.


The Learning Trust seeks partners in undertaking this work. Several opportunities exist through: underwriting of operational costs, contributing towards funding grantee organisations and using The Learning Trust as a conduit for small grants.


The Learning Trust and the Claude Leon Foundation have formed a partnership to support the development of several embryonic, community based education organisations in South Africa. The Claude Leon Foundation has committed R1 million per year, renewable for up to three years and starting in 2011.


In 2011 the collaboration between The Learning Trust and the Claude Leon Foundation resulted in support for several small organizations, some of whom were:


1. Wordworks: This project aims to combat the low literacy levels in many of Cape Town’s communities. The team uses an innovative model of establishing low cost reading centres for pre-school children as well as working with their parents to encourage home based literacy development.
2. Manyano Community School: The Learning Trust is backing the next phase in the development of Dr Al Witten’s acclaimed community schooling model, piloted over three years in schools in East London and Port Elizabeth. The model will be rolled out via the Manyano Community Schools Network which has recently been formalised and is working in parallel with the opening of an Institute of Community Schooling at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.
3. REALISTIC: This is a very successful restorative justice ‘youth at risk’ program. A full-day 3 month program is run from their centre in Gugulethu and provides a platform for 75 ex-offenders a year to re-enter society via education and skills training opportunities aimed at gaining employment.

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