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The Little Hands Trust motivates and nurtures reading and writing among children and their caregivers. The Trust does this by supporting and promoting the development and use of children’s literature in South Africa and other parts of Africa in African languages as well as English, French and Portuguese.

The trust argues that there is an urgent need to increase the stock of available appropriate reading materials for children of all ages, from storybooks to non-fiction. To help make sure that there are relevant ‘first books’ available for caregivers, babies and toddlers, the Little Hands Trust is in the process of creating and publishing, with Jacana Media, a new set of 8 Little Hands books. Each little book is 10cmX 10 cm, and has 12 pages. These are much needed little board books for very young children (aged 0-3) - there is an almost total lack of South African books for this age range.

The eight new books will be distributed via the Little Hands Trust and PRAESA to projects that support the educational nurturing of toddlers in crèche programmes. The Claude Leon Foundation has provided the Little Hands Trust with a grant to support the printing of further sets of books in these languages.


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